Necromancer's Keep - Unpainted

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This fearsome stronghold absolutely towers over anything on your table, stretching over 26” tall. The exterior features multiple exposed levels to stage combat on, from the fortified entrance stairs, to the suspended bartizan parapet hanging off the main roof, all the way up to the tallest lookout tower. The interior contains a variety of playable space, both in the central tower and the smaller corner towers. It’s covered in an array of necromancer-themed decorative pieces, including demon shutters, screaming skeletons, skull arrowslit covers, and small gargoyles. Finally, it boasts LED rune claws and brazier, plus the rare Necromancer’s Throne sits in the center of it all. In addition to the pieces below, this set also includes 2X crenellated straight wall -- included at no additional charge -- because there was a casting color mismatch in the original set.

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SKU Piece Name QTY
4-AC-001 Barrel of Arrows w/ Supplies 3
4-AC-006 Necromancer Throne 1
4-BA-003 Monster Face Shutter 18
4-BR-006 Balcony Base 1
4-BR-008 Crenellated Balcony 1
4-CP-009 CBS - Suspended Parapet 1
4-CP-012 Suspended Parapet Corner Wall Adapter 1
4-CR-001 Small Curve Crenellation 5
4-CR-008 Cmall Curve Crenellation w/ Trapdoor 1
4-CR-010 Battlement Transition - Right 2
4-CR-011 Battlement Transition - Left 2
4-DR-001 Castle Door 3
4-DR-002 Latticed Door 3
4-DR-005 Small Lattice Trapdoor 5
4-F4-001 Tower Floor 2
4-F4-002 Tower Half Floor 1
4-F4-003 Tower 3/4 Floor 6
4-F4-004 Tower Floor w/ Trapdoor 3
4-F6-004 1-inch Floor Extensions 16
4-F6-005 Batter Base 4
4-F6-006 Batter Base Insert 4
4-FL-005 2x2 Small Cutout Flagstone Floor 1
4-FL-015 2x2 Flagstone Floor 3
4-LD-002 LED Rune Claw 2
4-LD-005 LED Circular Socket 1
4-LD-008 LED Claw Brazier 1
4-MB-001 Straight Battlements 2
4-MB-004 Corner Battlements 2
4-MB-006 Curved Battlement 4
4-MB-009 Large Curved Battlement 4
4-MM-002 Door Insert Wall 2
4-MM-004 3/4 Insert Wall 2
4-PA-002 Perched Gargoyle 2
4-PA-007 Arbalest 3
4-PA-010 Wooden Pole Stand 3
4-PA-012 Standing Skeleton 9
4-RF-001 Round Roof 1
4-RF-002 Wide Flared Roof Base 1
4-RP-001 Small Tower Roof Platform 1
4-RP-002 4in Tower 3/4 Roof Platform 1
4-RP-005 6in Tower 3/4 Roof Platform 2
4-RP-009 8x8 Roof Platform 2
4-SP-004 Corner Wall Spacers 8
4-SP-005 Cube Spacer 2
4-ST-002 Straight Stone Stair 6
4-ST-003 Short Stair 4
4-ST-007 Curved Tower Stair Right 2
4-ST-008 Curved Tower Stair Left 2
4-ST-011 Small Curved Tower Stair 1
4-T4-001 4in Tower Solid Wall 1
4-T4-002 4in Tower Arrowslit Wall 3
4-T4-003 4in Tower Doorway Wall 2
4-T4-004 4in Tower Window Wall 4
4-T4-006 4in Tower Half - Solid 2
4-T6-001 6in Tower Solid Wall 1
4-T6-002 6in Tower Arrowslit Wall 1
4-T6-003 6in Tower Doorway Wall 1
4-T6-006 6in Tower Half - Bridge Base 1
4-T6-007 6in Tower Half - Solid 2
4-T6-008 6in Tower Half - Arrowslit 4
4-T6-009 6in Tower LED Socket Solid Wall 2
4-T6-010 6in Tower Palace Window Wall 1
4-WA-002 Hanging Skeleton 10
4-WA-007 Arrowslit Cover - Necromancer 4
4-WI-003 CBS Extreme Offset Door Wall Left 1
4-WP-004 Corner Wall Platform 3
4-WP-007 Corner Transition Wall Platform 1
4-WS-007 Corner Arrowslit Wall - Right 4
4-WS-008 Corner Arrowslit Wall - Left 4
4-WS-009 Corner Cutout Wall - Right 4
4-WS-010 Corner Cutout Wall - Left 4
4-WS-011 Inside Corner Wall 8
AC-007 Ladder 3
CC-002 Straight Crenellation 2
FL-002 CBS Stone Floor Solid 1
FL-004 CBS Stone Floor w/ Stair Hole 1
FL-006 CBS Stone Floor Trapdoor 1
PT-002 CBS Stone Corner Post 11
WL-004 CBS  Stone Walls 11