Undercity Set (Painted)

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This sewer core set is packed full of all the pieces you’ll need for building a your own sewer encounters and Undercity adventures. It contains a full range of sewer walls, corners, floors, and slimy sluiceways, and is then topped off with some ladder walls, hole walls with interchangeable insert plugs and a diseased sewer rat.

This set contains 108 pieces:

SKU Description Qty
SW-001 1 X 2 Floor 20
SW-002 1 X 1 Floor 10
SW-004 Straight Wall 2" 20
SW-005 Convex Curve Wall 10
SW-006 Concave Curve Wall 6
SW-003 1" Straight Wall 14
SW-007 Ladder Wall 2
SW-008 Hole Wall w/Plug 2
SW-011 Sluice Dead End 2
SW-012 Sluice T Junction 2
SW-010 Straight Sluice 14
SW-013 Sluice 4W Crossing 1
SW-014 Sluice Curve 2
SW-009 Sewer Grate 2
MI-050 Wounded G. Rat 1

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Undercity Set (Painted)
Undercity Set (Painted)
Undercity Set (Painted)
Undercity Set (Painted)
Undercity Set (Painted)
cast in dwarvenite®