Watchtower Set - Painted

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A self-contained large (6" diameter), four story defensive tower.

Ready for play as is, or customize with dozens of available add-on packs including: Towers, Tower Roofs; Accessories; and Theme packs. This set can be added to square fortress walls using the Tower Transition Pack and Corner Cutout Walls.

Note: We offer two tower sizes, small (4" diameter) and large (6" diameter). This set builds a 6" diameter tower. Please note that minor changes were made to the parts list after the Kickstarter to improve the composition.

This set contains 74 pieces show below.  (It also includes an ancillary pack of large curved battlements -- automatically added to your order at no extra cost --  because there was a color mismatch in the original set.)

4-T6-007 6in Tower Half - Solid 2
4-MB-009 Large Curved Battlement 4
4-T6-002 6in Tower Arrowslit Wall 2
4-T6-008 6in Tower Half - Arrowslit 3
4-T6-009 6in Tower LED Socket Solid Wall 2
4-F4-001 Tower Floor 4
4-T6-001 6in Tower Solid Wall 1
4-F4-004 Tower Floor w/ Trapdoor 1
4-DR-005 Small Lattice Trapdoor 1
4-T6-003 6in Tower Doorway Wall 1
4-DR-002 Latticed Door 1
4-ST-002 Stone Stairs 1
4-F6-004 Floor Extension 13
LI-002 LED Torch 2
4-ST-007 Tower Stairs - Right 3
4-RP-004 6in Tower Roof Platform 1
4-PA-004 Flag A - Waving 1
4-ST-008 Tower Stairs - Left 1
4-ST-010 Curved Elevation Half Block 2
4-AC-001 Barrel of Arrows 1
4-ST-003 Short Stairs 1
4-WA-004 Hanging Flat Banner 2
4-WA-009 Arrowslit Cover - Armored 2
4-PA-003 Battlement Blade 2
4-SE-002 Grappling Hook 1
4-SE-001 Scaling Ladder & Mini Holder 1
4-DEC-001 Heraldic Decal Sheet for Flags & Crests 1
4-PA-007 Arbalest 1
4-PA-010 Wooden Pole Stand 2
4-PA-008 Griffin Statue 1
4-WA-012 Projecting Banner - Flat 2
4-PA-001 Head on Pike 1
4-PA-009 Flag C - Rectangle 1
4-BA-004 Iron Scaled Shutter 2
4-PA-002 Perched Gargoyle 1
4-LD-016 LED Chromatic Orb 1
4-LD-005 LED Circular Socket 1
4-BA-002 Wood Shutter 2
Watchtower Set - Painted
Watchtower Set - Painted
Watchtower Set - Painted