Encounter 14: Khri Colony Bundled with 5-KHBUND-P - Painted

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Insectoid interlopers have infiltrated the dungeon! Will you submit to the all-seeing hive mind or become crushed beneath the march of the conquering swarm?

BU-501 Long Straight Tunnel 5
BU-502 Short Straight Tunnel 13
BU-503 T-Intersection Tunnel 6
BU-504 Tight 2" Turn Tunnel 10
BU-505 Wide 3" Turn Tunnel 4
BU-506 Long Ramp (removable tip) 2
BU-507 Dead End Chamber 7
BU-508 End Cap 9
BU-509 Tunnel Stilt 2
BU-510 4x4 Small Quad Chamber 4
BU-511 4x5 Medium Quad Chamber 2
BU-512 5x5 Large Quad Chamber 2
BU-513 Dirt Floor Insert 21
BU-514 Web Floor Insert 6
BU-515 Spikes Floor Insert 2
BU-516 Egg Sacs Insert 6
BU-517 Surface Transition hole 2
BU-518 Rocky Pillar Floor Insert 3
BU-519 Tunnel Stilt Tripod 1
BU-520 Curved Ramp 3
BU-521 Ramp Tip 5
MI-504R Khri Reaver (Royal Paint scheme) 2
PS-501 Passage Wall 2
RU-506 2x4 Breached Wall 1
TR-514 Magnetic Wall Glyph 1
Encounter Area 14: Khri Colony - Painted