City Fieldstone Core Set (Unpainted)

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This collection of Fieldstone themed pieces can build three separate houses, or one larger single building. Utilize the stairs and stairwell floor for multiple levels of dynamic combat. The magnetic attachments and inserts can change the purpose and style of each building.

This set works well in multiples to create larger settlements, and combines perfectly with our Stone Cottage Set and Stone Starter sets for more variety. To add even more character, add a Magnetic Accessory Set or Tavern Accessories set.

In sum, a perfect choice for Wargamers who want buildings for their battlefield, modularity and flexibility in the size and shape of each structure, as well as second-story playability for that coveted high ground.

Made from Dwarvenite®, our proprietary casting material.

4-ST-002 Stone Stairs 1
4-ST-003 Short Stairs 1
AC-002 Fluted Chimney - Magnetic Accessory 1
AC-003 Stout Chimney - Magnetic Accessory 2
AC-004 Assassin's Perch - Magnetic Accessory 2
AC-006 Closed Shutters - Window Insert 2
AC-017 Wooden Platform 1
AC-019 Tudor Overhang Wall 1
AC-020 Open Shutters - Window Insert 3
AC-027 Blank Hanging Sign - Magnetic Accessory 1
FL-002 4x4 Fieldstone Floor 3
FL-004 4x4 Fieldstone Stairwell Floor 1
PT-002 Fieldstone Corner Post 16
RF-002 4x4 Slate Roof 3
RF-003 Slate Balcony Cover 1
WL-004 Fieldstone Solid Wall 4
WL-005 Fieldstone Center Window Wall 4
WL-006 Fieldstone Offset City Door Wall 1
WL-008 Fieldstone Wall - Magnetic 1
WL-013 Fieldstone Offset Window Wall 3
WL-017 Fieldstone Offset Studded Door Wall 1
WL-020 Fieldstone Offset Ramshackle Door Wall 1
City Fieldstone Core Set (Unpainted)
City Fieldstone Core Set (Unpainted)
City Fieldstone Core Set (Unpainted)
City Fieldstone Core Set (Unpainted)
City Fieldstone Core Set (Unpainted)
City Fieldstone Core Set (Unpainted)
cast in dwarvenite®