Dwarven Quarterly Vol 2 Issue 1

Dwarven Forge Quarterly Vol 2 Issue 1

Greetings, Friends of the Forge!

We issue our fifth Dwarven Quarterly with warmest regards to all. What’s appropriate during such a difficult time around the world?  Well, we really aren’t sure…

But we’d like to offer you all what we can – a temporary escape. Perhaps that’s what we always do. It’s a bit more challenging right now -- but we're going to do our best.

With that in mind, here is our quarterly offering, front loaded with things you can do from home (and with no expense required). 

Dwarven Forge Live

We’re thrilled to announce Dwarven Forge Live, our official Twitch channel. We have already hit Twitch affiliate status with more than 1.5K followers and counting! Thank you for such overwhelming support in our first month.

Our intent is to make Dwarven Forge Live a peek behind the curtain so you see us work, catch Nate as he spills some beans, and see how much fun we have creating your terrain. The channel will showcase live buildingpaintingsculpting, and some actual play.

Right now, we’re mostly working from home, but we intend to keep our weekly show On the Anvil streaming each week.

We hope you’ll be able to tune in for a little fun. The schedule is available on our Twitch channel and on our website here.

And if you miss the streams, you can catch the recordings on our channel indefinitely. We already have a small but growing library available including painting, building, and Q&A videos, as well as a live play stream from Stefan! Connect with the chat in discord to give us your feedback!

So please tune in tonight at 7pm Eastern for our Critical Rebuild show where Tyler & Nate will turn a flat Critical Role battle map into a full Dwarven Forge build.

New Facebook Fan Page

This month a new official Dwarven Forge fan community debuted on Facebook. Head on over to share your builds and see what others are posting. There will be chances to win prizes!

Last but not least, don't forget our Forum!

The Dwarven Forge Forum, a vibrant community of gamers which has been going strong for more than a decade, is a great place to converse with other gaming enthusiasts.

Dwarven Forge Caverns Deep Module

We have completed the Caverns Deep module, hundreds of pages of adventure goodness that feature the Caverns Deep Encounters in either a complete standalone campaign, or a set of short adventures to adapt as you wish.
Currently we have finalized only the layout/graphics for the first third of the module. We are looking for your feedback before we complete the rest. To that end, please post any feedback you have on this forum post.

The module includes a wealth of challenging encounters, player handouts, new monsters, traps and magic items, and plenty of lore to enrich the gaming experience. Download your free copy of the PDF here.  

Builder's Masterclass Header

In the latest edition of Builder’s Masterclass, Tobi explores some interesting ways to integrate the new Dreadhollow Forest with the City Builder System. Hopefully this will inspire you to try some creative new builds if you’re stuck at home. Check out the new Masterclass right here.

City Builder Stone - Casting Color Change

After careful consideration, we have decided to change the base casting color of our stone City Builder sets to dungeon gray (from the original lighter gray); we have also adjusted the paint scheme to take advantage of the changed base color. This will allow us to avoid an increase in prices, as it makes production easier. The new pieces will feature better contrast but will still work with your old CBS stone pieces.

New Color Demo

Dear Ozraeline,

I thought I was immune to aging, but as the seasons pass and clocks spin their arms, I realize that even adventurers with the most ample muscles and god-like physiques suffer their fair share of wear and tear. Suddenly I’m just not the hero I used to be. It’s all the usual issues—my lower back is killing me; I’m having trouble concentrating on spells; I fell asleep when I was on watch and my party was nearly wiped out by kobolds.

I’m doing all I can to fight the ravages of age, but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried goodberry extract, the black pudding diet, even owlbear testosterone (at least, that’s what the goblin huckster said it was). I tried the Primal Champion Workout but I could barely get to level two. I even bought a new bright red racing carriage to lift my spirits, but when I pulled up at the tavern all the lasses just laughed at me. I’m at my wits’ end – I feel like even my wisdom score is going down.

What’s the best way to make myself feel young again?
Young at Heart

Dear Old Fart,

I’m afraid you are completely avoiding the real problem. Admit it – you’re in denial. Your body is slowly disintegrating, sure, but frankly that’s inevitable; what you need to worry about is your immortal soul. After all, that’s what’s at risk of eternal suffering. I would know.

I’m sure you’ve heard the standard advice. While you are still living (if you can even call it that), you need to pledge your soul to some deity to ensure a happy destiny once the mortal flesh finally crumbles to dust. But how carefully have you considered your options? Do you even realize how much you can gain by driving a careful bargain? Beware of the hype. Many immortals will try to pitch you a bunch of blather about everlasting happiness when all they’re really offering is eternity in a featureless cloudscape filled with the incessant drone of golden harps. Two hours, tops, and you’d be chewing your own horns off from the boredom.

What you need to look for in a deity is one who actually offers something in return for that juicy soul of yours. Why not take a look at Sysuul the serpent demon? You can kill two pixies with one stone. Sysuul will give you the power and status to really enjoy what’s left of your pathetic mortality, and then whisk your soul away to somewhere genuinely interesting. The lively glow of bonfires, the bracing scent of brimstone, the music of unnumbered brazen cobras hissing as they clash – what could be more stimulating? And if I happen to get a small finder’s fee along the way, you can feel good about helping out a poor she-devil trying to make her way among the planes. Just say the word and I’ll draw up a contract.

On the Anvil

There’s been a steady beat of hammers at the Forge throughout the winter, and we have made great progress on the new sculpts that will be featured in our next Kickstarter campaign, The Wildlands. While current events have left our launch date in flux, they haven't stopped our development of these new sets, and we do have some new beans to spill. We hope these images will get you as excited as we are to venture forth in the wilderlands of Mythras!

Wildland's Teaser

Wildland's Teaser 2

All the very best to everyone!

Editor – Elye Alexander
Design – Janet Feldman
Creative Director – Nate Taylor
Ozraeline’s Oddvice – Mace Griffin
Builder’s Masterclass – Tobi Lieberson
Ozraeline Illustration – Felipe Torrent
Facebook Fan Page – Nina Heath