Large Stone Banks/Lava - Painted

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A collection of all new sculpts featuring our largest banks pieces yet. These pieces can create a variety of rivers, pools, and gentle slopes. Banks are generally used in "negative space" builds where some sort of texture - such as a Terrain Tray, our new Phantasmal Filters, a battlemat, or even a graphic you've printed out yourself - is used as a base and then surrounded by these pieces. The negative space where there are no pieces allows the texture to show giving the appearance of a river, magma flow, or other hazard.

These piece are also ideal if you want to gently raise up one floor height in your build - such as transitioning from a section built directly on your table up to a section build on top of our new DF Light Panels (which are exactly one floor's height high).

Hellscape sets are cast in translucent Dwarvenite. You can light them from below with DF Light Panels (sold separately).

Negative Space Building Demo:

Large Stone Banks/Lava - Painted
Large Stone Banks/Lava - Painted
Large Stone Banks/Lava - Painted