Large Stone Banks / Std Cavern Paint - Painted

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These pieces will add variety to your Caverns Deep banks pieces, or work standalone to build a variety of rivers, pools, and gentle slopes. These banks are generally used in "negative space" builds where some sort of texture - such as a Terrain Tray, our new Phantasmal Filters, a battlemat, or even a graphic you've printed out yourself - is used as a base and then surrounded by these pieces. The negative space where there are no pieces allows the texture to show giving the appearance of a river, magma flow, or other hazard.

These piece are also ideal if you want to gently raise up one floor height in your build - such as transitioning from a section built directly on your table up to a section build on top of our new DF Light Panels (which are exactly one floor's height high).

Large Stone Banks / Std Cavern Paint - Painted
Large Stone Banks / Std Cavern Paint - Painted