The Pit - Jade (Limited Edition) - Painted

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You arrive just as the crazed cultists shoved the valiant soldier into the pit...?

AC-517J Serpentine Corner Pillar - Jade 4
AV-518 1x2 Dungeon Floor 2
AV-522 LED Socket Floor 2
AV-527 1x4 Dungeon Floor 2
ET-503 Twisted Snake Pillar Floor 4
ET-504J Sacrificial Pit with Spring-Release Trapdoor - Jade 1
ET-505J 4x4 Forsaken Temple Floor - Jade 2
ET-507J Forsaken Altar - Jade 1
ET-514J LED Serpent Brazier - Jade 2
PA-502 Cobra Head 2
PA-503J Forked Spike - Jade 2
TR-515 Floor Trap - Snake Pit 1
The Pit - Jade (Limited Edition) - Painted