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Caverns Deep Updates!

Thanks so much to all our fantastic backers!  We have locked our Pledge Manager as of 11/19/18.  If you have any questions about your order or there are changes you’d still like to make, please contact service@dwarvenforge.com.  You may also continue visit our Pledge Calculator and online spread sheet.  
For some improved graphics for our KS6 items, please see the links below:


Click the button below to download our Guide for New Backers PDF. This guide gives you all the basics, from understanding how our products work to detailed guidance in how to pledge.  After the Kickstarter ends, refer to the section “After the Campaign” for more information.  


Below we have several videos that explain how to build with these pieces, what sample pledges look like, and how the various sets in the campaign are broken up.

Below are two playlists of some of our other guidance videos. We have walk-through videos where Nate shows off the various pieces and features of each Encounter. And our various Demo videos show how the pieces work together and work with our other sets.