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Caverns Deep Updates!

We are grateful to all our backers for your patience!  We’re pleased to report that we are almost done with Caverns Deep production.  As of early October, Encounters 13 (Crystal Cavern) and 14 (Underdoom) are being packed, and Encounter 15 (Dreadhollow) and a small handful of add-on packs will be completed this month.  We have 3 containers en route to the US, 1 shipping in about 10 days (arrives 5 weeks later).  The final Caverns Deep container will ship right around Halloween. 

To make it easier to understand, for US and Canadian shipping,  we have put together a detailed list of all the sets and when we expect to ship them. We originally anticipated 2 waves of shipping when we first started production back in 2018, but we will be sending out waves of shipments as items arrive at the warehouse until we have finalized all orders.  You can reference this chart to find out when your specific sets are expected to ship. 

In addition, we will send out pre-shipment notifications to our US and Canadian backers as we send orders to our warehouse to fulfill; these notifications will indicate which items are in current orders as well as what remains to be shipped.

Please note that our Adventure Essentials 1-9, painted and unpainted (6-MP4-P and 6-MP4-U) and Adventure Essentials 1-11, painted and unpainted (6-MP5-P and 6-MP5-U) have been divided into 2 and 3 boxes respectively, and only the first box of each is shipping in early October; the other boxes will follow in later waves.  

We expect to ship to our EU backers in two waves.  The first wave of shipments is being packed at present.  We will provide another update here when those shipments leave the factory for our distribution center in Germany.

Orders that will be shipping to our backers directly from our factory are currently being packed.  These orders will also ship partially, with final shipments going out after all the sets have been completed.  

You may also continue visit our Pledge Calculator and online spread sheet.  

For some improved graphics for our KS6 items, please see the links below:


Click the button below to download our Guide for New Backers PDF. This document includes information for backers new to our products.


Below we have several videos that explain how to build with these pieces, what sample pledges look like, and how the various sets in the campaign are broken up.

Below are two playlists of some of our other guidance videos. We have walk-through videos where Nate shows off the various pieces and features of each Encounter. And our various Demo videos show how the pieces work together and work with our other sets.